WS Oxy I
  • Temperature regulated zirconium cell
  • Grahic display screen changes color relative to process and function
  • Built-in recognition for 110V-240V power
  • Portable for remote and dificult acces sites using 7V 3200 mAh rechargeable batteries (4 Hours)
  • Integrated programmable sound funktion
  • Multilanguage: english, german, danish
  • Low permeability measuring hose for accurate meaurements
  • Connects via RS 232 interface, Bluetooth, 0-5 VDC (Orbitec)
  • Software updateable
  • Cigarette lighter charger available
  • Data logging of up to 250 entries (PC Documentable but without date & time)
  • Delivered in a Transportbox

The WS Oxy I is a hand-held, battery-operated oxygen analyzer. The measuring range varies from 1000 ppm to 10 ppm. The device has a maintenance-free Zirconium Cell with extended operating life. It is supplemented with an innovative display that represents operating state in color. This "traffic light system" provides the operator with a high level of comfort: since the operation state can be shown

in colors visually, there is no need to read the exact values. The software and the operation method of the device are identical to the WS Oxy II. Furthermore, it has a loud integrated buzzer. The reports of the device (buzzer, colors, flashing of the readings, etc.) are very simple and user-programmable. The device is offered in different versions. Standard device includes analyzer,

transport box, a plug-in power supply unit, the manuals in German and English, as well as the calibration certificate. In addition, a car charger cable can be acquired (cigarette lighter).
The Premium version has multiple outputs for documentation, PC connection, Bluetooth, 0-5 VDC analog and an RS 232-cable for a printer.