SGI-3 Oxygen Indicator  

Oxygen indicator designed for  welders to measure the oxygen in the backshielding gas before and during welding to avoid oxidation and to reduce the purge time/gas consumption.

Measuring range 5000 - 1 ppm O2 in inert gas and CO2, 500 - 10 ppm in inert gas with up to 10 ppm in inert gas with up to 10% H2. 4-20 mA output. Built-in acoustic alarm.

  • For oxygen reduction in welding applications with stainless steels and alloys
  • For measuring in inert gas with H2 (formier gas)


  • Large measuring range
  • Durable ceramic sensor with high accuracy and fast response time
  • Self-diagnotics with function alarm
  • Selectable pre-programmed calibration settings for inert gas and blends of 2%, 5% and 10% H2

210153 SGI 3 Oxygen Indicator